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CHANGE ​ Many people wonder, "If the past can't be changed, what's the point of bringing up painful memories?" It's true, the past is...

Shelter in Place: An Anniversary

We're approaching a year since the world encountered COVID-19. In the United States, we began shutting down businesses and changing the...

Types of Boundaries

Amy Schumer said, "I'm going to bring my mom to a soccer game because I want to show her what boundaries look like." Some of us feel...

Sleep Hygiene

Good, regular sleep is one of the cornerstones of mental health. And many of us struggle to get the amount of rest we need. The...

Take 5: five simple calming practices

These are trying times in so many ways, on so many levels. In my work and personal life, I'm noticing how important it is to have a...

Busting Myths About Therapy

Therapy is a word like love... we use it to mean very different things. We say, “I love you” to express ourselves to our child, our dear...

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For many people, healing is a creative act. That’s why I trained as an Expressive Arts Therapist, who uses creativity with clients who are open to it. Drawing, writing, using clay or other creative processes can help you discover new ways of expressing yourself that we can’t get to with talking alone. You don’t have to call yourself an “artist” in order to make art that can reveal your inner wisdom and strength in new ways.

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I offer unique visual mapping or "cartography of the psyche" in the form of images that tell your story and clarify what you're working on in therapy. I also create infographics and other helpful tools too!

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